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Creative solutions for workplace challenges

Creative solutions for workplace challenges


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Occupational Therapy Lunch & Learn Seminars

Below, are our most popular seminars that are individualized to the workplace setting. Practical skill based learning allows the participants to immediately apply the knowledge gained to their specific job demands. Collaborative learning with open communication between participants welcomes sharing of unique perspectives and ideas where increased creativity and innovation in work processes can result. Positive work performance cannot help but be impacted.

My Computer is a Pain!

Jobs requiring computers are on the rise, and so are the injuries associated with it. Participants learn the does and don'ts of how to adjust their computer workstation to work in comfort.

Protecting our Backs in the Industrial World

Back injuries continue to be the leading cause of injuries in industrial environments. Participants learn how to protect their backs while handling materials, working in awkward postures, and how to maintain flexibility and strength.

Repetitive Strain Injury Prevention and Management

Early RSI identification means quick resolution. Participants learn the signs and symptoms, treatment and management, and how to prevent future occurrences.

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