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What Happens When We Ignore the Obvious?

What happens when we ignore the obvious? | Maximize Human Capabilities | Functional Capacity Evaluation

New patient scenario

Sally has been referred to you for a Functional Assessment and Gradual Return to Work Program. She was in a MVA and sustained neck and back soft tissue injuries. You meet her for the first time and you go over the history of her injury and treatment, then you tell Sally how you are going to get her back to her full time health care aide job at the personal care home in 6 weeks.

She begins to cry and says "how can I look after all of those residents and change their beds when I still can't change the linens on my own bed or wash the floor? I love my job and I miss the people but I CAN'T GO BACK TO WORK!". HOW CAN I WORK WITH THIS PAIN?!"

Listen before making your decision

Do you listen and actually hear what Sally is telling you or do you ignore it and push ahead? The insurance company told you that you have 6 weeks to get Sally back to work full time and no more.

It is pretty obvious that Sally is scared. The million dollar question is do you acknowledge the fear and dig a little deeper for the root cause? Or do you ignore it hoping that Sally's emotional outburst is an isolated incident?

Continued... How Does Fear Affect Us?

Friday, April 10, 2015
Posted by Lorraine Mischuk at 9:30 AM 0 | Comments

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