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Mike Terpenning, Associate

Mike obtained his degree in Occupational Therapy in 1989 fromthe University of British Columbia. Ever since, he has provided services in vocational rehabilitation, offering coordination of ergonomic assessments, injury prevention education, return-to-work programs, functional capacity evaluations to the private and public sectors for individuals that work in various fields from clerical to heavy industrial, as well as job demands analysis.

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Mike Terpenning obtained his degree in Occupational Therapy in 1989 from the University of British Columbia

Mike Terpenning - Maximize Human Capabilities - Occupational Therapy - Winnipeg - Manitoba

For many years, Mike provided occupational therapy services in Manitoba at the Canadian National Railway ‐ Prairie Division. Due to this, Mike was able to work closely in a collaborative setting with the health and safety officers, which was beneficial for both.He has an extensive grip over the rules and regulations of Transport Canada and Labour Canada. He has a solid understanding of the role a safety officer needs to fulfill and how an occupational therapist can further enhance their service.

Mike has a diverse background. Before he became an occupational therapist, he obtained a Trade Qualification in Heavy Duty Mechanics, whichfollowed a diploma from BCIT in Mechanical Engineering. He is well versed and experienced in working in a field that demands heavy physical requirements and difficult conditions.Being able to relate to the workers is crucial. It provides much needed assistance during the implementation of work methods. As a result, it turns return-to-work after sustaining injury into a success.

Mike is a Certified Work Capacity Evaluator (C.W.C.E.), and he is also trained in Progressive Goal Attainment Program (P.G.A.P.).As such Mike has considerable experience in dealing with people who underwent complex multiple trauma and injuries that affected them psychosocially, cognitively, and physically.

As of now, Mike lives in British Columbia and travels across to Manitoba for employer based special projects with MHC. He plays a crucial role at MHC, providing industry with services regarding return-to-work and injury prevention. His duties include:

  • Development of Pre‐Placement Testing Protocol
  • Development of employer based Injury Prevention Programs
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